Exciting Times...

So since it's Thanksgiving time and I'm wrapping up an exhilarating recording process for Black Ribbon, Hard Work!, I may as well clue you guys into what's popping with me. The mix tape is nearing completion, just pushing into mixing territory and I've got NO features whatsoever (by choice, you gotta hear ME first), but I do have production from the likes of Controbuz, Thievery Corporation, the legendary Twilite Tone aka Ynot, Chaise Marcel, Nickless Castle, Beat Maker Beat, DR Period, Hi-Tek, and others. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Lego Architecture Set

Oh yeah. Definitely copping every single one. I love Legos, they were my favorite toy as a kid and I credit a lot of my thought process to being able to construct stuff with Legos. That shit matters!

>>Lego Architecture Series

Immediate Action (South)

The Saga Of Absurd Meaningless Moments

Revisiting Talib Kweli x Madlib's "Liberation"

I almost forgot how good this EP was.....and it was free. Download it here! And the IMEEM stream is after the jump!