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Best Hubble Space Telescope Images Of 2009


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Global Warming by Banksy


www.fubiz.net%2f2009%2f12%2f28%2fglobal-warming-by-banksy%2fbank1%2f" rel="attachment wp-att-58492">bank1

www.fubiz.net%2f2009%2f12%2f28%2fglobal-warming-by-banksy%2fbank3%2f" rel="attachment wp-att-58490">bank3

www.fubiz.net%2f2009%2f12%2f28%2fglobal-warming-by-banksy%2fbank4%2f" rel="attachment wp-att-58489">bank4

Banksy continues to be the premiere international street artist. These are in Bristol, UK. Always a message...


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Andy Warhol Polaroids Of Sports Champions


Super inspiring for an artist such as myself...

In 1977, Richard Weisman, an art collector and a friend of Warhol’s, commissioned a series of paintings of ten great sports figures of the era, now known as the “Athlete Series”. The group of athletes was selected by Mr. Weisman, and included stars of a variety of sports: Muhammad Ali (boxing), Pelé (soccer), Dorothy Hamill (figure skating), Tom Seaver (baseball), Jack Nicklaus (golf), O.J. Simpson (football), Chris Evert (tennis), Willie Shoemaker (horse racing), Rod Gilbert (ice hockey, NY Rangers), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball).

Four additional sports portraits taken later are also included in the show – Ron Duguay, John McEnroe (with then-wife Tatum O’Neill), Vitas Gerulaitis, and Wayne Gretzky.

While Warhol may not have selected the ten athletes for the series, their status as champions in their respective sports, with faces and names that are recognizable decades later, coincides with Warhol’s interest in images of celebrity and greatness.

Taken with Warhol’s favored “Big Shot” Polaroid Camera, these images were used by Warhol to be silkscreened on to canvas as the basis of each painting.


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Word zShare? Word?

Now I know I can't believe that this is accurate, but imagine my surprise when I logged into my zShare account and saw this # of views/downloads of my Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul project. Oh how I wish this was real, but alas, zShare has only done it's part in adding fuel to my fire to make numbers like this a reality. And once again, yes, this is what I see for my download stats. Keep helping me push if you're out there and you like what I'm doing! Best...

Bell Hooks' Social Criticism of Rap Music

I had a great conversation with Kane One a few days ago about my music and what I planned to change in the game with my approach, and he sent me this interview from author & social activist Bell Hooks on the subliminal targets on the hip-hop generation and the stereotypes that hip-hop helps promote. I pride myself in my music giving an alternative approach to the music she mentions in this interview, and although I surely will not say I'm perfect with what I say, my intentions are pure and my desire to be the change in music we so desperately need shines bright. Check out the video though, what she speaks is truth!

Bunches O' Links!

The reception for Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul has been pretty effin' good....I'm glad cause this is all the preseason to Black Ribbon, Hard Work! Hopefully you all got it in the first link I put up which is a couple posts below this one, but just in case you haven't, here's a bunch of em that you can pick from:


Also, thanks a lot to everyone who's helped spread the word about the project, AIM friends, Twitter friends, Facebook friends, real life friends....and the blogs who gave me some love:

Blind I
Flawless Hustle

Now if I can somehow get heard by the REST of this list I should be on my way....

Illroots, Gowhere Hip-Hop, Dope88Video, Stop Being Famous, The Brilliance, 2dopeboyz, Fresh Selects, Kevin Nottingham, Okayplayer, Vimby, Nah Right, Concrete Loop, Im Keeping Up, Complex, Rappers I Know, Miss Info, Fader, The Q Side, DC to BC, Eighty81, Che Sing The Cool, KanyeUniversecity, Deadstock Don, Byron Crawford, H.E.R.fection, The Cool Hunter, Crack Distributors Radio, Format Magazine,

A Messages from Om'Mas Keith of the Sa-Ra Creative Partners...

We don't f*ck around. I'm not f*cking around. Om'Mas trynna tell ya'll...WE'RE NOT F*CKING AROUND!!!

Outside of Five Guys eating Burgers & Fries....Come holler at Obama.

He understands....Five Guys is in popular demaaaaaand.

Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul Mixtape

OK, stunting time. It feels great to know that I have enough material to put out a mixtape before the mixtape! Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul (previously The Expensive High) is a collection of tracks I recorded this year building up to the piece du resistance that will be Black Ribbon, Hard Work! These are 14 dope tracks that didn't make the final cut for BRHW, but are still bangers and deserve to be heard! I know I told people I was dropping BRHW in November but I'm a perfectionist and I want to make sure I put it out in as dope of a form as possible. So to hold you over and get you in tune with a little bit of what to expect, I'm releasing this precursor! Now some of you who are already pretty familiar with my music may have heard a bunch of these songs right here on this very blog, maybe on Myspace, maybe even IMEEM, but now you've got em in MP3 format, for the low low price of Free 99! So enjoy, let me know what you think, send it to your friends, blog it, Twitter it, whatever, but let it hold you down for now! Yep!

Download Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul (zShare)

Exciting Times...

So since it's Thanksgiving time and I'm wrapping up an exhilarating recording process for Black Ribbon, Hard Work!, I may as well clue you guys into what's popping with me. The mix tape is nearing completion, just pushing into mixing territory and I've got NO features whatsoever (by choice, you gotta hear ME first), but I do have production from the likes of Controbuz, Thievery Corporation, the legendary Twilite Tone aka Ynot, Chaise Marcel, Nickless Castle, Beat Maker Beat, DR Period, Hi-Tek, and others. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Lego Architecture Set

Oh yeah. Definitely copping every single one. I love Legos, they were my favorite toy as a kid and I credit a lot of my thought process to being able to construct stuff with Legos. That shit matters!

>>Lego Architecture Series

Immediate Action (South)

The Saga Of Absurd Meaningless Moments

Revisiting Talib Kweli x Madlib's "Liberation"

I almost forgot how good this EP was.....and it was free. Download it here! And the IMEEM stream is after the jump!

"The Future Belongs To The Few Of Us Still Willing To Get Our Hands Dirty"

A Gentle Dissolve

Here's a joint off the upcoming project Black Ribbon: Hard Work! that I flipped from Thievery Corporation's "A Gentle Dissolve" from their album "The Cosmic Game". Having been recently inspired from traveling and some pretty ill contributions to hip-hop music over the last two weeks, I decided to write a joint with no hooks, no bridges, and all bars! Check it out and let me know what you think. Black Ribbon: Hard Work! will be finished by the end of November so be on the lookout! Peace!

Thank You!

As I walked to my bookstore today (my family owns a bookstore here in Chicago, don't know if I said that before), I was listening to a new batch of Blueprint 3 instrumentals I'd stumbled upon whilst surfing the web, and of course I gravitated towards one of my favorites off the project, the No I.D. - produced "Thank You". The horns are so elegant and polite, I could see it was the perfect platform to speak, as Jay did on his original version, about the positivity I've been able to pull out of some of the most toxic situations. I address haters, old flames, and old friends all in a lyrically tasteful manner that shows my acceptance of their roles in my life! So thank you to all my doubters! You make me great! Black Ribbon Hard Work! Partake!

"American Fashion Menswear", by Robert E. Bryan

Luxury publisher Assouline and the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) have come out with a new book called American Fashion Menswear, billed as "the most authoritative and exciting book to date on the evolution of menswear in the United States over the past century. Author Robert E. Bryan has divided the volume into seven different sections based upon the diverse identities of the American man, covering everything "Levi Strauss to the Ivy League, lounge suits to Zoot suits, and cowboys to counterculture," with cameos from the likes of Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando, Ralph Lauren and more.

>>Council of Fashion Designers of America

Air Jordan V1 Black Infared Retro

Air Jordan VI (6) Black Infared Retro
I'm not a big Jordan head like the rest of my peers, but these are pretty dope. Air Jordan VI Black Infared Retros. Available for pre-order soon at OSneaker.


The Neptunes: Decemvir Mixtape

(taken from my post on Blindiforthekids.com)

I’ve been working on this for a LOOOONG time and I finally completed another masterpiece. For those not in the know, The Neptunes are a record production duo consisting of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo, who are credited with contributing the sound for some successful Hip hop, R&B and Pop artists in the late-90s and 2000s. The Neptunes’ sound is a distinctive brand of off-kilter, stripped-down electronic funk. Along with Timbaland and Dr. Dre they were the driving force behind many of the musical characteristics of late-90s/2000s hip-hop, helping to re-introduce sci-fi style sounds into the hip-hop mainstream, along with sounds from Middle Eastern and Asian music including percussion and woodwind.

I decided a few months back to make a collection of my favorite rare, b-side, and unreleased Neptunes production, from 1999 to 2009, in order to create a dedication to over 10 years of next-level music that still stands the test of time. I swear listening to these tracks puts you in a state of mind where everything’s better around you. Decemvir, which is the latin term for “ten“, is used to describe this decade of incredible works from the stellar production duo. Their music can speak for itself more than anything I can say, so without further ado, I give you…

The Neptunes: Decemvir (A Decade Of Rare Gems & Unreleased Material)
(Disc 1 Sharebee) | (Disc 2 Sharebee)

Yi Zhou - "The Ear" Featuring Pharrell Williams

This is really dope to me. Freshness tells it like so:

"Based on Gogol’s short story, The Nose, the ear undergoes a similar Freudian treatment of amputation and detachment, and goes on a journey and transforms into an Earbridge as it gets crossed by a bridge. The story eventually ends where Pharrell is pulled back into reality reading a newspaper article about the Earbridge in Baku, Azerbijian. This collapses the art work into the other side of reality as well as the project is part of a public design project for Azerbijian involving the likes of Jean Nouvel and Cai Guo Qiang in 2013."


Penfield Stapleton Coats

New Penfield Stapleton Coats. Waterproof, windproof, and Tefloned out. Only $264. I'll probably try to grab the tan daddy for my wintertime exploits. Beware!


"The Dead" by Damien Hirst

Damien Hirst, a great modern artist and avid art collector, arguably one of my favorite out of the current cultural icons, is celebrating the opening of his new installation at London's Other Criteria. The premiere features 30 new works from Hirst and a few limited edition signed pieces as well. Check it out if you're in Londontown tomorrow (October 8th).

>>Other Criteria

On Your Mark...

On Your Mark, produced by Beat Maker Beat, is a simple precursor I created late one night after a day of sessions to shoot to homies, associates, blogs, and fans to let them know what to expect from the upcoming project. It got a lot of love off top so I'm excited to see what the reaction to the project is gonna be, since this is just the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned!

Supreme x Vans F/W 09 Old School/Half Cab

And I was just telling myself earlier today that I needed a new pair of yellow kicks. Supreme x Vans collaborate again for a new pack of Old Skools & Half Cabs that are pretty dope. The Half Cab will feature suede/canvas uppers with leather insoles and the Old Skool will feature suede uppers with leather insoles. Dropping online October 8th. Yum.


Vibe's Alive

"just to give it power I was lookin' for an outlet / had to make my own since I really couldn't find that / but value of true art is hidden in the process" - vibe's alive

Vibe's Alive came together through the production efforts of the homie Nickless Castle, who threw me this gem after being hipped to some of my previous work. We went in the lab and threw a couple of ideas back & forth, and this beat jumped at me with a mellow vibe that I felt like personified a canvas for me to vocalize my niche in this industry -- a lover of all the styles that have worn the "hip-hop" label can unify them all in an intelligent, straight to the point approach to the art form. Rather than tackle the whole "Hip Hop Is Dead" argument, I let my skills speak for themselves as a clear indication that hip-hop is a chameleon and cannot be categorized any longer. Castle heard what I put down over the track and went back to lay the ill scratches for the chorus. What can I say, the guy is a beast! What resulted was this track, and I hope you like it! They'll be more coming from Castle & I so stay on the lookout for new shit.

2016? You Don't Say.

I suppose Chicago in 2016 was more important at the time than a 16 year old Chicagoan. Derrion Albert would have been 22 years old around the time the Olympic Games would take over the city of Chicago, supposedly joining the corners of one of the most segregated cities in the world through the welcoming of every nation participating into our "welcoming confines". Every real Chicagoan, from Wrigleyville to Calumet City, K-Town to the Low End, knows that it's a tall feat for us to get along with each other already, let alone millions of tourists envisioning a town totally different than the one they'd be stepping into for an Olympic Games. The grievances and issues Chicago faces are not the caliber which would be easily dealt with in a mere 6 years. Rather, a lifetime of struggle and resistance has existed in Chicago, with little ground gained since the years of the Civil Rights movement. People move to our city and stay in their comfort corner, with the majority never daring to go south of Roosevelt. Equally, the born-and-bred Chicagoan is one that rarely goes North of Roosevelt, unless it's for work purposes or to inquire within City offices. When such a rift exists between Chicago itself, how could the members of the Chicago Olympic Committee actually go through with making this pitch to the IOC? How, with teenagers dying every day in the streets -- not just through gang violence, but senseless acts like the one that took away the life of Derrion Albert -- could they actively say that the world would be safe here?

Derrion's story is no rarity here; rather, it simply came with visual evidence of a struggle that persists daily in our community. But how can we expect that to get through to the powers that be if we fail to confront it HERE, at HOME, where WE are? I could ramble on & on with criticisms about Mayor Daley and his practices in the past, but honestly none of that matters as much as this does to me. Lives are being lost. It's due to a lack of education, a lack of diversity, a lack of options. Simply put, if they knew better they'd do better. But the location of Derrion's beating is a clear indication of the troubles we face. Schools are supposed to be the safe haven for kids from the negative influences they may face in their neighborhoods. The mere fact that this happened at an institution of learning makes the future more ominous than ever for our youth. With broken homes, layoffs, failing schools, and a learning discrepancy between communities as wide as the hope that was obviously present to even THINK we would get the Olympics here in Chicago -- we've got a lot of work to do. And I see scary things on the horizon...

I recently made a stop at my old high school to check on the current status of things. I'll be the first to admit that I was a child of privilege when it came to education - the thought of dropping out or not going to college was never even an option for us. My grandmother was a schoolteacher for many years, my three uncles all surgeons and corporate types respectively, and my mother & father as studious of people as there ever were. My father, an Islamic Imam, a Ph.D in Religion, and a writer, while my mother, a M.D., M.B.A., and a Masters in Public Health from Harvard. Sufficient to say, school was cool for us. While I walked the hallways of my old school I ran into one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Weil, who was always one of those instructors who were as cool as a teacher could possibly be at the time. My class was a rowdy one, always getting into something crazy, pushing the boundaries as individuals while still being incredibly intelligent. As I spoke to him about the differences between my class and the classes that currently attended, he spoke to the belief that the personality had diminished since classes like mine had graduated. The kids were more into pop culture than ever, the internet had taken hold of most of their daily lives, resulting in what he felt to be a lack of personality, push-back, challenge of authority, and an all-around excitement. In few words he pretty much told me he was bored. The kids did their homework, did what they were told, and went about their business.

Ordinarily, one would think that as a teacher this type of behavior would be heaven-sent, but it immediately presented itself as an ominous fate when I juxtaposed it with what was happening with kids of the same age, in the same city, just miles away from good old Morgan Park Academy. The education-deprived kids of the impoverished neighborhoods will one day meet the culturally-deprived kids of schools like mine, and I am not excited about the outcome. Streetsmarts versus Booksmarts results in the same tired rigmarole that has us where we stand right now; mentally segregated and internationally humiliated.

So what can we do? For one, we can always keep our eyes and ears focused on what needs doing RIGHT NOW. A perspective plan is nothing if you don't have your current affairs in order to chase that plan. Imagine how strong our bid for the Olympic games would have been if our schools were improved...if our city was invested in it's own development...if kids in impoverished neighborhoods were able to broaden their horizons and know that there was more to fight for in the world than a neighborhood that doesn't care whether they live or die. Imagine if kids like the ones that attend my high school now were hipped to how truly blessed they are, acknowledged their upper hand in the game of life, and used their education to bridge the gap between themselves and the less fortunate. I happen to think a lot of the ground can be made up by an infusion of influence from the age ranges ABOVE those most afflicted, i.e. you & me. We must do ALL we can to show these kids real life is more than the block they live on, or the internet, but it's communication, face-to-face work, activity, community, and the like. Maybe then we'll be able to convince the world that we're ready to open our doors to them.

I made a song about it, like to here it here it goes.


Cut It Out! (Full Version)

"but it all blends perfectly.../let the liquor tell it"-- Andre 3000, "Spottieottiedopalicious"

Doing joints like this is easy. Not easy in the sense that I take it for granted, but easy as in right up my alley. My homie Raphael from Endangered Peace shot me over an idea to go in over this Karriem Riggins-produced track, and seeing as Riggins is one of my favorite producers, it was a no-brainer. I simply put pen to the pad and wrote what came to mind. What resulted was a 3+ minute diatribe with all sort of stuntastic vocabulary. What else do you expect from the kid by now. Indulge.

Your Dude Is Back! New Rules x LV: Art, Fashion, and Architecture

Sorry for the drought my people! I've been hard at work trying to decrease the gap between every aspect of life right now, merging it all together to form a seamless web of efficiency. There's been a few changes around here that I'd like to point out so we're all on the same page and you know what to expect henceforth from the kid. Here goes:
  1. It's no longer TheNativeSoul - I've decided to go by my government name of Sulaiman and keep it 100% organic in my approach.
  2. I'll be releasing a free download of The Expensive High - all of the tracks I created for the first part of this year up until about August, very very very soon, so be on the look out for that as it should hold you over until Black Ribbon: Hard Work! drops sometime in November. It's about to be insane!
  3. I'll be putting more non-music related posts up in order to keep the ball rolling, keep you interested, and keep you in the loop with my entire development.
  4. The white layout is back - which means crisp, clean content, and a tabula rasa or "clean slate" for my creative indulgences.
With all that said, let's get back to the dopeness! A lavish new coffee table book from Rizzoli titled Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture is a seductive anthology of the famed French fashion house's collaborations with an international group of elite artists, architects, designers, and photographers, including Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Takashi Murakami (whose updated LV monogram is featured on the cover) Richard Prince and Stephen Sprouse. Beautiful images are interspersed with critical essays that examine and position Louis Vuitton's patronage, under the guidance of Artistic Director Marc Jacobs, during "one of the most fertile periods of contemporary art and design." The book is divided alphabetically so as to serve as a sort of encyclopedia of the many collaborations, commissions and sponsorships Vuitton, a cornerstone of the LVMH luxury goods empire, has engaged in over the years.

You can put in an order for this book right now over through my bookstore, Books Ink!

Impatient (Slow Down)

I had a period in writing where I figured that if I let up I would be letting my detesters and detractors win. Knowing that's the only way they actually COULD win, I used that motivation from then on to push myself to create, to write, to record my experience. I wrote a very descriptive verse over one of my new favorites, The Kickdrums' "Impatient" record that's featured on their Just A Game EP that recently dropped. The flavor was superb so I felt like I had to add my ingredients to it. Check out the lyrics:

I'm impatient?
Well I aint got time to waste, bitch
Carpe diem, seize the day bitch
I'm gettin wealthy not fake rich
Monkey niggas go ape shit
When they see the whip I make flick
Wit 8 divas on a great trip
Spending Euros word to Great Brit
I'll take it back to the ba-sics,
Show em how a nigga make hits,
While I homer you-K, get,
It?, UK Brit?
Swine flu times two make the base-sick
I do what I do and you tape-it,
And study how to touch great-ness
Kickdrums make great shit,
I just come to bust once
Flyer than a stork skyin rollin dutch blunts
Grind like its X-Games sportin much cuts
From the time I have spent climbin up so fuck luck
This is my destiny, notice my pedigree
Nigga movin' chains like an NFL referee
Promise you, one with more drive you'll never-see
Plus I play chess that checkers don't better me
I don't work with wack niggas that's dead to me...
Even if they well-known got effigies
No clocks I work incessantly
So is you with me or not? Though so, better be.

Download Impatient (Slow Down)(zShare)


Elevation is defined as the act of raising from a lower place, condition, or quality to a higher; -- said of material things, persons, the mind, the voice, etc.; as, the elevation of grain; elevation to a throne; elevation of mind, thoughts, or character. Simply put, Elevation is progress as an effect of persistence. Often times there's so much standing between a goal and yourself, that it almost seems impossible to reach, but with the understanding that every step forward is also a boost of energy, you can never lose! I wrote this song with that very though in mind - to diagnose the rise of new energy and the fall of the old. It's a beautiful thing when they're screaming your name but can you remain the same when the sceneries change?

The Most Interesting Man In The World

I'm back again, kicking off Q2 with a new installment of heat and crack and dope and piff and illness. This one is appropriately title "The Most Interesting Man In The World", and the lyrics don't disappoint. Straight bravado on this one! The beat is made by Madlib and I fucks with it so you should too! Partake!

Undergradetox (Lark On My Go Kart Freestyle)

Love Love LOVE this beat. Decided to have some more fun and flip Asher Roth's Lark On My Go Kart to my own twisted liking. Sorry it's been so long since I dropped one on you guys, but this should more than make up for it. Plus a nigga got Mickey Mouse to come through and do his best Dame Dash impersonation. SMH. Not much else I can say in this explanation, so, Enjoy!

Download Undergradetox (Lark On My Go Kart Freestyle) (zShare)

If Ya Know The Ave...(Snippet)

Here's another one from the vaults, produced by an ill up-and-coming producer out of North Carolina by the name of Constrobuz. This joint is called If Ya Know The Ave, and it's basically addressing my originality when it comes to everything, from my stance as a born & bred Chicagoan with a different approach to the scene, to my style and flair when it comes to music. If ya know the ave then you prolly know the half, so get up off your ass live everyday like your last! Partake!

Heatcheck (Snippet)

Every now & then you gotta go in just to make sure you've still got all the tenacity that you can bring. This track was just that, hence why I entitled it Heatcheck. I love the grimey beats, and although I love to diversify the types of joints I do, these definitely have a larger subliminal appeal to my mind. I think every hip-hop/rap artist, regardless of the music that they become known for, should always maintain an edge in the pure gritty shit, while also bringing an eclectic flavor to their product overall. Fuck all the talking though, enjoy the snippet! More heat coming soon...I'm in the lab as we speak working on some next-level shit! Till then....

Wu Sh*t!

Another one from the archives. I grew up on Wu Tang - literally. My older brothers were such Wu heads, I had no choice! Good thing that happened though, cause Wu was definitely one of the most lyrically astute, prolific, stylish groups to ever come out in music. I had to pay homage as I continued my studies of the greatest MC's ever, and I aptly titled the joint Wu Shit. Yep!

Understand Me.

Ok. I'm saying it now. This is my true essence; a song with a story and a purpose. I decided to write something about insecurity, pain, and the real shit that alot of people unfortunately have to deal with in life. I recognize I've lived a pretty scott-free existence up until now, with a few nicks and scratches along the way, but I'm always reminded in tough times about how much more difficult it could be. You never truly know what lies behind the eyes of a stranger, or even a close friend for that matter, so assumption should never be a part of your vocabulary or your lifestyle. It's also very hazardous to think you understand anyone or anything fully, because there's always something new to learn from a situation or a person. I put Kenna on the hook since it was my inspiration behind writing this song, and I hope people like it. I've included the lyrics below and also made the track available for download. Partake!

I met baby on the train,
Vibin' to her own beat, put her purse right where the floor and her toes meet
Asked what's ya name?,
Acted like she know me, took her earphones out and turned rather slowly
Said I'm Charmane, sit for a second for you try and get a number lil' homie get to know me
How could I complain?, took a minute sittin' as I contemplated kissin' while her lips began a story
She told me she was raised out the city in the plains,
Father was in jail caught serving up cane,
Mom was a junkie shootin' shit up in her veins,
And she had left home she was searching for a change
Told her I was searching for the same, for instance,
Had an audition cause I'm a musician
Told her I was sensing all her pain as I listened
She turned back laughin' like "Homie we different" and said...

Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Or go...

So I said "Yo try me,
Less you got a talent I don't know about, throw me out just offa eyein' me..."
So I sat quietly, told her to continue though its not the greatest venue just consider me her diary
Saw she was smiling, then it turned to tears as she thought about years past she was did grimey
Its was re-minding, shorty had baggage like a airport truck so she backed up blindly
Said I don't mean to be rude, dude
Cause you smooth and you too, cool
I don't wanna in-clude, you in these problems I got (got)
Just cause you all stable and I'm not (not)
Hold it right there lil mama stop (stop)
I don't got a whole book but I got a plot (plot)
Saw pain as a chapter to better my health
The more I read the better I felt,
But YOU tellin' ya'self...

Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Or go...

She looked up and said "True. Now I got a plot, NOW what I'm 'posed to do?"
Only thing you can baby girl, be YOU. Live ya own life,
I was there once, I chose to hold mics.
God was there once he chose to hold light,
The sun got noon the moon it got night...
Let them bafoons just do what they like
Cause you aint a-like they moves just ain't right
Try as they might they could never reach you tho,
Like a light wave couldn't barely reach Pluto
One card left better yell out Uno
Cause what you been through yo I think deserve kudos
You had a round trip through hell and back
And made it here to tell ya story over rails and tracks
Settle down please baby girl relax
Cause you need to see the world perhaps ya eyes tellin me that ya...

Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Or go...

Download Understand Me (Feat. Kenna) (zShare)

Jump! (Can't F*ck With Us) Video Snippet

I was reminded of this joint earlier today and realized that damn near NOBODY has heard this side EP project from Nez of NEZ & RIO and myself. We decided one day to create an outlet through which we could tweak all day everyday, and what name was more fitting for the group than Peer Pressure? We compiled 10 songs of all the craziest shit we could think of...from marijuana to running trains, pimping to bussdowns, with ridiculous attitude infused in every track. I wanted to get out that side of me that loved listening to Eminem, Non-Phixion, those Wu Tang "I'll f*ckin...., I'll f*ckin..." interludes, and all the other crazy shit that I though was SO dope back in the day. So all you prude people, respect it as expression of art! Maybe one day we'll release the project for the world to hear...but until then, enjoy the video snippet!

Strange Universe

This one was FUN. Super cocky, clever beyond belief. I love the beat, a joint from one of my old favorite underground hip-hop groups, Non-Phixion. When their album, The Future Is Now, was finally released I remember wildin on how Ill Bill and Sabac killed this Necro beat. So I had to channel a bit of that Non-Phixion flavor with some of the new shit that I feel like I could bring to it, and then with a sprinkle of message in there to any doubters, it comes full circle into my interpretation of Strange Universe. Deep hip-hop listeners will f*ck with this for sure. Partake!

Download Strange Universe (zShare)


This may be the fastest verse/song I've ever written or done in my life. And it's so fire it's crazy. I said this in a post before, but you get to a creative level where you can make art in almost any circumstance. This one was definitely inspired by the beat, provided by the homie *Pbbt for Boy Genius. When I got this in the email I spazzed and literally couldn't stop jotting bars in the Blackberry 8900 (stunt). What resulted was Redemption, a dope track with miniscule pause and a whoooole lot of flow. Partake!!

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Batter On Deck!

I love this joint. A few months ago my homie Ray Protege got at me to contribute a piece for his latest mixtape project, "Hipster Hop". On first pass I was like naaah son...I don't think I fit that demographic, but Ray's idea behind the mixtape was to show that just because cats are fresh, dress a certain way, are eclectic, or unbiased, it doesn't mean that they're not real or ill for that matter. Once he let me know the deal I was all in, and the track, produced by NEZ&RIO, came out dope. Partake!

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From Here...

Muhsinah is dope. No. Wait. Muhsinah is SUPER DOPE. HU Alum, super-talented musician, etc., etc., etc. Her latest joint, "From Here", is an ill joint with an even iller vibe to it. I got it in an email and upon first listen I HAD to put a verse to it. I love artists like her, who give others inspiration to produce new creativity. Honestly, I haven't experienced any sort of sense of writer's block in such a long time, and it's because I'm such an avid music listener, of all genres mind you, that there's always a new style to explore. Hence why I tell everyone who listens to me that I'm a man of a million styles, all ill, super versatile. I hope you like this joint; I made it available for download as well. Like it!

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Neon Strings

Often times I feel like when rappers figure out they're good at rapping over jazzy beats, they try to do too much with em. Since I haven't known too much calm in my life, the main thing that comes to mind when I hear jazzy beats is girls. Girls, girls, girls, girls, GIRLS. Nice. Anyway, the homie Dert made a beat tape using samples from one of my favorite artists, Bjork, and I decided to rock over one for a diatribe (look it up) on the prospect of scoping a girl who's more than meets the eye and having to come to terms with how to handle your awesome discovery. You know, that girl that knows more ill music than you do, is culturally refined, etc, etc....aka a KEEPER. Partake of the stylings.

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I don't think you can not like this song! Sometimes the most simple joints you do end up being some of the most meaningful, and I kept it straight to the point over this Nicolay-laced beat. As you can see the joint is called "On" and it's topic revolves around...yep, you guessed it, getting ON! In whatever field you're working in, I'm sure you want to be the top dog and be the best at it, and I wanted to make a fun song that you can hear anywhere to support that. Getting ON isn't just work however, but any goal that you set for yourself that you wanna achieve. It might be getting the attention of that special someone, or reveling in the feeling you get when you've finally gotten ON, but it's something to be cherished no matter the case. This one is going on the next mixtape and it's also available for download right now! Partake!

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