Undergradetox (Lark On My Go Kart Freestyle)

Love Love LOVE this beat. Decided to have some more fun and flip Asher Roth's Lark On My Go Kart to my own twisted liking. Sorry it's been so long since I dropped one on you guys, but this should more than make up for it. Plus a nigga got Mickey Mouse to come through and do his best Dame Dash impersonation. SMH. Not much else I can say in this explanation, so, Enjoy!

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If Ya Know The Ave...(Snippet)

Here's another one from the vaults, produced by an ill up-and-coming producer out of North Carolina by the name of Constrobuz. This joint is called If Ya Know The Ave, and it's basically addressing my originality when it comes to everything, from my stance as a born & bred Chicagoan with a different approach to the scene, to my style and flair when it comes to music. If ya know the ave then you prolly know the half, so get up off your ass live everyday like your last! Partake!

Heatcheck (Snippet)

Every now & then you gotta go in just to make sure you've still got all the tenacity that you can bring. This track was just that, hence why I entitled it Heatcheck. I love the grimey beats, and although I love to diversify the types of joints I do, these definitely have a larger subliminal appeal to my mind. I think every hip-hop/rap artist, regardless of the music that they become known for, should always maintain an edge in the pure gritty shit, while also bringing an eclectic flavor to their product overall. Fuck all the talking though, enjoy the snippet! More heat coming soon...I'm in the lab as we speak working on some next-level shit! Till then....

Wu Sh*t!

Another one from the archives. I grew up on Wu Tang - literally. My older brothers were such Wu heads, I had no choice! Good thing that happened though, cause Wu was definitely one of the most lyrically astute, prolific, stylish groups to ever come out in music. I had to pay homage as I continued my studies of the greatest MC's ever, and I aptly titled the joint Wu Shit. Yep!

Understand Me.

Ok. I'm saying it now. This is my true essence; a song with a story and a purpose. I decided to write something about insecurity, pain, and the real shit that alot of people unfortunately have to deal with in life. I recognize I've lived a pretty scott-free existence up until now, with a few nicks and scratches along the way, but I'm always reminded in tough times about how much more difficult it could be. You never truly know what lies behind the eyes of a stranger, or even a close friend for that matter, so assumption should never be a part of your vocabulary or your lifestyle. It's also very hazardous to think you understand anyone or anything fully, because there's always something new to learn from a situation or a person. I put Kenna on the hook since it was my inspiration behind writing this song, and I hope people like it. I've included the lyrics below and also made the track available for download. Partake!

I met baby on the train,
Vibin' to her own beat, put her purse right where the floor and her toes meet
Asked what's ya name?,
Acted like she know me, took her earphones out and turned rather slowly
Said I'm Charmane, sit for a second for you try and get a number lil' homie get to know me
How could I complain?, took a minute sittin' as I contemplated kissin' while her lips began a story
She told me she was raised out the city in the plains,
Father was in jail caught serving up cane,
Mom was a junkie shootin' shit up in her veins,
And she had left home she was searching for a change
Told her I was searching for the same, for instance,
Had an audition cause I'm a musician
Told her I was sensing all her pain as I listened
She turned back laughin' like "Homie we different" and said...

Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Or go...

So I said "Yo try me,
Less you got a talent I don't know about, throw me out just offa eyein' me..."
So I sat quietly, told her to continue though its not the greatest venue just consider me her diary
Saw she was smiling, then it turned to tears as she thought about years past she was did grimey
Its was re-minding, shorty had baggage like a airport truck so she backed up blindly
Said I don't mean to be rude, dude
Cause you smooth and you too, cool
I don't wanna in-clude, you in these problems I got (got)
Just cause you all stable and I'm not (not)
Hold it right there lil mama stop (stop)
I don't got a whole book but I got a plot (plot)
Saw pain as a chapter to better my health
The more I read the better I felt,
But YOU tellin' ya'self...

Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Or go...

She looked up and said "True. Now I got a plot, NOW what I'm 'posed to do?"
Only thing you can baby girl, be YOU. Live ya own life,
I was there once, I chose to hold mics.
God was there once he chose to hold light,
The sun got noon the moon it got night...
Let them bafoons just do what they like
Cause you aint a-like they moves just ain't right
Try as they might they could never reach you tho,
Like a light wave couldn't barely reach Pluto
One card left better yell out Uno
Cause what you been through yo I think deserve kudos
You had a round trip through hell and back
And made it here to tell ya story over rails and tracks
Settle down please baby girl relax
Cause you need to see the world perhaps ya eyes tellin me that ya...

Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Don't know if I want you to understand me...
Or go...

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Jump! (Can't F*ck With Us) Video Snippet

I was reminded of this joint earlier today and realized that damn near NOBODY has heard this side EP project from Nez of NEZ & RIO and myself. We decided one day to create an outlet through which we could tweak all day everyday, and what name was more fitting for the group than Peer Pressure? We compiled 10 songs of all the craziest shit we could think of...from marijuana to running trains, pimping to bussdowns, with ridiculous attitude infused in every track. I wanted to get out that side of me that loved listening to Eminem, Non-Phixion, those Wu Tang "I'll f*ckin...., I'll f*ckin..." interludes, and all the other crazy shit that I though was SO dope back in the day. So all you prude people, respect it as expression of art! Maybe one day we'll release the project for the world to hear...but until then, enjoy the video snippet!

Strange Universe

This one was FUN. Super cocky, clever beyond belief. I love the beat, a joint from one of my old favorite underground hip-hop groups, Non-Phixion. When their album, The Future Is Now, was finally released I remember wildin on how Ill Bill and Sabac killed this Necro beat. So I had to channel a bit of that Non-Phixion flavor with some of the new shit that I feel like I could bring to it, and then with a sprinkle of message in there to any doubters, it comes full circle into my interpretation of Strange Universe. Deep hip-hop listeners will f*ck with this for sure. Partake!

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This may be the fastest verse/song I've ever written or done in my life. And it's so fire it's crazy. I said this in a post before, but you get to a creative level where you can make art in almost any circumstance. This one was definitely inspired by the beat, provided by the homie *Pbbt for Boy Genius. When I got this in the email I spazzed and literally couldn't stop jotting bars in the Blackberry 8900 (stunt). What resulted was Redemption, a dope track with miniscule pause and a whoooole lot of flow. Partake!!

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Batter On Deck!

I love this joint. A few months ago my homie Ray Protege got at me to contribute a piece for his latest mixtape project, "Hipster Hop". On first pass I was like naaah son...I don't think I fit that demographic, but Ray's idea behind the mixtape was to show that just because cats are fresh, dress a certain way, are eclectic, or unbiased, it doesn't mean that they're not real or ill for that matter. Once he let me know the deal I was all in, and the track, produced by NEZ&RIO, came out dope. Partake!

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From Here...

Muhsinah is dope. No. Wait. Muhsinah is SUPER DOPE. HU Alum, super-talented musician, etc., etc., etc. Her latest joint, "From Here", is an ill joint with an even iller vibe to it. I got it in an email and upon first listen I HAD to put a verse to it. I love artists like her, who give others inspiration to produce new creativity. Honestly, I haven't experienced any sort of sense of writer's block in such a long time, and it's because I'm such an avid music listener, of all genres mind you, that there's always a new style to explore. Hence why I tell everyone who listens to me that I'm a man of a million styles, all ill, super versatile. I hope you like this joint; I made it available for download as well. Like it!

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Neon Strings

Often times I feel like when rappers figure out they're good at rapping over jazzy beats, they try to do too much with em. Since I haven't known too much calm in my life, the main thing that comes to mind when I hear jazzy beats is girls. Girls, girls, girls, girls, GIRLS. Nice. Anyway, the homie Dert made a beat tape using samples from one of my favorite artists, Bjork, and I decided to rock over one for a diatribe (look it up) on the prospect of scoping a girl who's more than meets the eye and having to come to terms with how to handle your awesome discovery. You know, that girl that knows more ill music than you do, is culturally refined, etc, etc....aka a KEEPER. Partake of the stylings.

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I don't think you can not like this song! Sometimes the most simple joints you do end up being some of the most meaningful, and I kept it straight to the point over this Nicolay-laced beat. As you can see the joint is called "On" and it's topic revolves around...yep, you guessed it, getting ON! In whatever field you're working in, I'm sure you want to be the top dog and be the best at it, and I wanted to make a fun song that you can hear anywhere to support that. Getting ON isn't just work however, but any goal that you set for yourself that you wanna achieve. It might be getting the attention of that special someone, or reveling in the feeling you get when you've finally gotten ON, but it's something to be cherished no matter the case. This one is going on the next mixtape and it's also available for download right now! Partake!

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