Style Out....

I love beautiful things. Beautiful music, beautiful girls, beautiful art, beautiful $tunting. Even people who may not spend much time on buying lavish clothes or shoes have to admit it's a certain feeling you get when you cop down on something new. I used to get my parents to buy me new Nikes and wear em out of the store because I was so geeked. It may just be a Chicago thing, but I doubt that it is. As you get older you realize that style is essential and although it may seem superficial, your physical presence matters when you go out to network, socialize, what have you. So have no fear about copping that ill bag, that new pair of kicks, that dope art, and don't be afraid to express how dope you are to the world! Style Out and make the crowd go crazy! Oh and by the way, this one's produced by yours truly. Yes!

Cut It Out!

Lyrical exercise is key. If you don't do something alot to the point it becomes second nature, you can never be great, I don't care how much natural talent you have. You ever heard a rappers say some shit like "I don't write anymore" and you go "Uh Huh. Maybe you should go back to writing." The method you use to make your most effective work is the method you should always use. Point blank period. My writing styles are so diverse I can literally make a song about 20 different ways. Chants, rhythms, pre-constructed themes, ideas, add-ons, adlibs-first, chorus-lead, full written, 16s, no hooks, and the list goes on and on. This joint is a lyrical exercise of sorts that I'll probably put on the next mixtape, The Expensive High (coming soon) that I'll release for free like I usually do. It's called Cut It Out and I wanted to give you guys a little piece of the flavor. Produced by Karriem Riggins. Partake!

It's Always Been Your World.

I'm a great fan of President Obama. I supported him from way back in his days of getting played here in Chicago as he ran for local office, all the way to his ascention to the Oval Office. I even co-founded a company based around the inspiration he served as a beacon of light for. The only thing that bothered me about his rise was the fact that only then did people who typically were inactive or just getting by, want to get up and do something major. I don't knock them for having that feeling, but as a representative of the generation who had lofty dreams and goals way before any mention of Barack Obama, I was shocked to see how many people were not proactive prior to his election. Now, as we see Obama try to overcome a horrible economic situation, I see an inexplicable decline in our Black History Month celebrations, a lack in the desperate need for volunteers, a lack in positive approaches towards being a part of actual change, and a lingering stench of the idea that things will get done on their own. I wanted to make a song to let people know that the capabilities have been in us all along to do great things, as evidenced by what we've overcome and what we've accomplished. It's always been your world, you just didn't know it. Hope you like it, here's the lyrics, and you can download the song below:

This one goes out to,
To everybody who believed
Before it was cool to believe,
I got ya'll...

When I was twelve I got detention for believing,
Overachieving, abandoned the bottle and chewed before the teething
Deep into my pockets I was reaching
Embracing light
Simply receiving all available teachings
The cream came quicker than what,
Young ladies thick in the butt
I'm spendin' and not givin' a fuck
Definitive strut,
Knew the science way before the test
Getting my rest,
While them other students getting stressed
Way more impressed, with shaping a soul
Knowing that the way to my goal,
Lived in every brick upon the road
Readin' the scrolls,
Diamonds and pearls beneath the gold
Even the clothes,
Made from the lessons and stories told
Wait a cotton pickin' minute ya dig it,
The flow would not resemble a spigot
If niggas couldn't read due to bigots
I paint a picture vivid, we are more a visual people
Than we scientific, that is until we learn our physics
The half wanna kick the other one wanna fly
And its hard to give a fuck when you spendin' I wonder why
See they had us all pre-conditioned but over time
We have risen to a better position than getting by
You can look me in my eye and see I wanna do more
I had learned to pace the ceiling before they opened the door
While aimin' to make a million before I went on a tour
Industry is a building then I would be the decor
I de-liver the raw like, butchers on a off-night
Crookers in a bar fight, hoodlum but my star's bright
Walk light when you cross my path,
I'm a descendant of the struggles we have fought in the past
Not Michael J. Fox /Doc Brown in a lab,
Grab an almanac look at how we got where we at,
From dogs with no muzzles steady bitin' yo ass
To a black president givin' life to the flag
It's my world...

Download It's Always Been Your World (zShare)

Have No Fear!

I know you've been waiting for some new music from The EP, and we've decided to grant your wish! Lo P and I went into the lab yesterday and popped out a quick gem for your listening pleasure, addressing our favorite topic - LADIES. Who do you know that does it better than us? Nobody! If you weren't already aware, when Lo P and I rhyme together, we form The EP., a subliminal, smart, sophisticated group of lyricists who aim to defy normality and make music for smart people. This isn't nerd rap or anything of the sort, this is more like the class president and the high school varsity quarterback further extending their reign of coolness. Hope you like it!

Crazy Girl Rap!

It's no secret....I LOVE crazy girls. They have the best, well, that's for another post. But I decided to clown a bit for a few bars and express my love for them through a short story about some crazy activity involving an "off" type of girl and myself. It's interesting and the flow is crazy...partake!

Baby To You...

C'mon, you saw this coming a mile away. First things first, Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovers in the world who may be viewing this on that special day. Attraction is by far the most coveted song theme in the history of music, and miraculously everyone expresses it differently. I suppose that's why it's so fun to make songs like Baby To You, produced by NEZ&RIO. Now I must admit, when I wrote this a few years back I had a special someone in mind, but true to a writer's ability, I tried to make it as general as possible to allow people to connect with it, whether it was the girl being pursued, or the guy doing the pursuing. It still stands as one of my favorite tracks and a favorite amongst the listeners.

Salute To The Southside!

Harold's Chicken Shack. Quintessential Chicago food spot. I'm born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I originally wrote this joint a few years ago to honor my place of birth, and it got featured in my boy Drew from Enstrumental's promo video. The homie Th1rt3en came around and spazzed over the beat, so we decided to go in and drop an alternate version. Since it was never released on any of my personal projects, I though where better to post the new version but here!

Better Than Your Best...

I always felt, and continue to feel, like music gives words to feelings that you sometimes can't express. It's why producers rock to a vibe, why rappers let their verses roll on swagger, and why people can HATE an artist but be caught singing their songs involuntarily. It's a crazy thing indeed. I wanted to make a song that constantly reminded me, as well as the listeners, that anything is possible, and there should never be a question of IF, but rather HOW. Everyone should wake up and strive to be better than the day before, make progress, and elevate their situation as long as there's a breath in their body. The homie Dert from out of West Covina produced this stellar beat, and I felt like it fit perfectly with what I was aiming for lyrically, as you can see by the lyrics below! Partake:

What could I be scared for
Tweakin' when I'm there, or
Taking full advantage of the season I'm in rare form
Is it just in my world or do they really care, or
Do I got respect to collect like a landlord
You can fall for anything with nothing left to stand for
Sitting on the outside banging on the damn door
Labeled opportunity
Looking back it's usually
The glow from the jewelry and other Tom Foolery
That blind you
I remind you
Like Mary J
Time don't rewind stop pause and it rarely play
I'm reminded of a clause when they bury say
It's only one life live ya last like it's everyday
No offense to the followers of Buddha
Burn these hits nigga no computer
Rolled up longer than a ten inch ruler
But don't judge me cause I do what I do, cuz

You can't just let it slip away
Just beat your best for it today
View how the best get rich and say
Act now the rest is history

Yeah the money won't wait,
Yeah the money won't wait,
Money don't wait, money.
Yeah the money won't wait,
Yeah the money won't wait,
Money don't wait, money.

Money don't wait G but money don't make me
High flow like I was a pilot in the Navy
Pablo never, I was born in the 80's
And most'a these Tracys are sweeter than pastries
Since I want cake well then I'ma be baking
Till it's no banking just money tree shaking
Headed for the goal I am Chris Paul breaking
And plus I block shots like crack house shading
This is me when they're not videotaping
But guaranteed baby I've risen your ratings
Haters speak up I can't hear what you're saying
Is it my flow or just is it your faking
I'm a young leader of the world in the making
The rest'a ya'll fall, like gradients fading
Finished school but I never honored that grading
Cause it's a free world, everything's for the taking...

You can't just let it slip away
Just beat your best for it today
View how the best get rich and say
Act now the rest is history

Yeah the money won't wait,
Yeah the money won't wait,
Money don't wait, money.
Yeah the money won't wait,
Yeah the money won't wait,
Money don't wait, money.

Leaves On Branches.

I happened upon Kameleon through his sister Maiya over at Blind I, and when I heard his beats I automatically wanted to rock over them. That's how I am, vert hot and cold with my creative process, but I can always find inspiration through new music or a new approach. That's why collaboration and consistency are the best things I think you can do as an artist. This joint, Leaves On Branches, is so melodic and lovely, that I felt like doing almost the opposite just to be different (or an asshole, one or the other, ha!). I dropped a quick verse on it and I'm really feeling the vibe. We'll see where it goes from here...

Dimethyltriptamine, Part 2

Growing up as the son of a very historically-educated father, I always knew to keep my third eye open. They stressed to me the importance of fact vs. fiction and always sticking to what you know, not just what people tell you. The observation of the world's ills, combined with this fantastic beat by Mr. James Yancey and a stirring delivery by Jay Electronica, all seemed to come into play right in time for me to speak about what I see happening in the world. I've even included the lyrics below so you can understand the detail:

When death puts yo ass
In the dirt
And the angels
Stop and ask
Was it worth?
For the human race to wipe they ass
With the Earth
And realize that it ain't no mass
In a church
Gon' save em
From the radiation
Radio stations verifying the mass evacuations
People gon' be hidin' in tunnels or on spaceships
All a that depending on money that ya'll makin...
And why you think they up building space stations
And growing artificial plant rations?
The war is comin'...
So you better lock ya doors or somethin'
Start a stash in ya floor or somethin'
Cause shit's real
The shit'll drive Martin and Ghandhi to get steel
And leave you with a choice to get grimey or get killed
Economy is crumblin'
Stomachs is rumblin'
Soldiers is home from war and gotta pick up the gun again
The earthquakes in China, a bitter reminder
That the world on a clock at the end of the timer
The summer gettin' longer
The sun is brighter
And it scorch all the crops make forest fires
That burn through the bush like the purplest kush
But it don't get you high just six-feet shook
Stuck underland in a bboy stance
Till they rise like Thriller from the floods from the sands
Mix that with deadbeat raps and old shrapnel
Ten years ago there was 50 different apples
Now it's just 5
When we eat to stay alive
How the fuck we gon' survive
When the shit we eat dies?
And niggas ain't livin offa eating pork rinds
Sky drop Purple Rain
it's a Sign Of The Times...

No Love In Here...

Little Dragon is one of my favorite groups currently making music. Hailing from Sweden, their jazzy style is transformational on a record. I decided to go in a few days ago over one of my favorite tracks from their Little Dragon album entitled "No Love". The story on my end starts with a true re-enactment of a recent party I hosted where I saw visible numbers but didn't get a chance to be around all the people that I really love and care for. I wrote a song about it, like to hear it? Here it go! Haha....


This one is crazy. Went in last night over a NEZ&RIO joint I've had in iTunes purgatory forever. Entitled "Ridiculous". This is just a snippet but you can see what's happening here...dangerous!

Exchanging With Foreigners....

They say travel is the best thing you can do to expand your mind and learn how to break your subliminal boundaries. Well since I don't have the money to travel like I'd like I find it refreshing to collaborate with people from different scenes and places around the world. I had a beat from the homie Kameleon that I wanted to flip on a bourgeois-polite-stunt type way and recruited the works of Milwaukee's own Haz Solo and London's best & brightest, Thai'matic. The joint is entitled Truly Yours and it sounds so crazy because the styles are all unique, yet they all mesh perfectly in their own way. Plus DJ House Shoes putting cuts & scratches on it and a possible guest spot from the Cali mystery man with the name of a Color...hmmm. Stay tuned!

An Evolution Mixtape

An Evolution, made in 2008, was a maturing process for me in terms of delivery, concepts, and overall comfort on the mic. I woke up and realized one day that I had the capability to create the songs I have in my head, note for note, bar for bar, and need not depend on any expensive studio setup or vocal effects to take me where I want to go. When that stuff comes, it'll all just be icing on a cake of polished delivery and powerful presence. A scary thought indeed. This was the one that had people start taking me seriously.

Download An Evolution (Mediafire)

A Rhyme A Day Mixtape

The A Rhyme A Day Mixtape, conceptualized and finished in 2007, was based upon an idea of mine to drop a song a day. I was aiming pretty high, and although I didn't end up doing a song a day, I did a song about every 3 days, and ended up with a quite extensive list of joints and overwhelming knowledge I didn't have before the experiment. This mixtape features the Top 10 songs from that experiment, and I hope you enjoy it!

Download A Rhyme A Day... (Mediafire)