So since it's Thanksgiving time and I'm wrapping up an exhilarating recording process for Black Ribbon, Hard Work!, I may as well clue you guys into what's popping with me. The mix tape is nearing completion, just pushing into mixing territory and I've got NO features whatsoever (by choice, you gotta hear ME first), but I do have production from the likes of Controbuz, Thievery Corporation, the legendary Twilite Tone aka Ynot, Chaise Marcel, Nickless Castle, Beat Maker Beat, DR Period, Hi-Tek, and others. Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

On that same subject, the marketing side of this entire endeavor now gets pushed into high gear. I'll be introducing everyone to my homie & assistant Stevie, who'll be co-captaining this blog and keeping you all in the know about developments surrounding the music. I've got a couple of cool photo shoots and video drops lined up for the next few weeks too, so you'll definitely get a sneak peak of all of those right here.

I'm also looking for a major sponsor who would like to trade brand visibility with helping me cover the fees to mix Black Ribbon, Hard Work! As the music will surely attest to, this isn't a run of the mill project, and in terms of it's delivery, I would like to treat it with as much professionalism as possible. My outlets into the viral world through networking and Blind I afford me the perfect platform to distribute the project upon completion, thereby reaching millions of viewers through my good standing. Once the music is heard, who knows how far beyond my estimations it may reach. If you are interested in being a sponsor you can contact me at for more information.

Other than that, it's been heavy on the feature side for yours truly. In the past month or so I've collaborated with Naledge of Kidz In The Hall's Brainiac Society, Justin Timberlake's new signee Free Sol, WBC Magazine & Ill Brown, The Paxtons, the UK's Thai'matic, heavyweight Chicago producer Maja 7th x Fake Shore Drive, Sa-Ra Creative Partners, dance duo Classy Hand Favours, and of course my crew the Phedz (Million $ Mano, Hollywood Holt, Mic Terror, Jon Jame$, Chaise Marcel, Gzus Piece, Lee Majorz, Ray Protege) for an upcoming mix tape. I'm outchere and still hungry for more! Let's go! OH! And I'll be on WPWX Power 92 on December 6th debuting a brand new song off of the mix tape, so if you're in Chicago tune in, and if you're not, you can still check me out at

I hope your Thanksgiving is as dope as mine is about to be. Enjoy Black Wednesday, cause Black Ribbon, Hard Work! will be in your ears by Christmas time. Love!