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Best Hubble Space Telescope Images Of 2009


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Global Warming by Banksy


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Banksy continues to be the premiere international street artist. These are in Bristol, UK. Always a message...


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Andy Warhol Polaroids Of Sports Champions


Super inspiring for an artist such as myself...

In 1977, Richard Weisman, an art collector and a friend of Warhol’s, commissioned a series of paintings of ten great sports figures of the era, now known as the “Athlete Series”. The group of athletes was selected by Mr. Weisman, and included stars of a variety of sports: Muhammad Ali (boxing), Pelé (soccer), Dorothy Hamill (figure skating), Tom Seaver (baseball), Jack Nicklaus (golf), O.J. Simpson (football), Chris Evert (tennis), Willie Shoemaker (horse racing), Rod Gilbert (ice hockey, NY Rangers), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball).

Four additional sports portraits taken later are also included in the show – Ron Duguay, John McEnroe (with then-wife Tatum O’Neill), Vitas Gerulaitis, and Wayne Gretzky.

While Warhol may not have selected the ten athletes for the series, their status as champions in their respective sports, with faces and names that are recognizable decades later, coincides with Warhol’s interest in images of celebrity and greatness.

Taken with Warhol’s favored “Big Shot” Polaroid Camera, these images were used by Warhol to be silkscreened on to canvas as the basis of each painting.


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Word zShare? Word?

Now I know I can't believe that this is accurate, but imagine my surprise when I logged into my zShare account and saw this # of views/downloads of my Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul project. Oh how I wish this was real, but alas, zShare has only done it's part in adding fuel to my fire to make numbers like this a reality. And once again, yes, this is what I see for my download stats. Keep helping me push if you're out there and you like what I'm doing! Best...

Bell Hooks' Social Criticism of Rap Music

I had a great conversation with Kane One a few days ago about my music and what I planned to change in the game with my approach, and he sent me this interview from author & social activist Bell Hooks on the subliminal targets on the hip-hop generation and the stereotypes that hip-hop helps promote. I pride myself in my music giving an alternative approach to the music she mentions in this interview, and although I surely will not say I'm perfect with what I say, my intentions are pure and my desire to be the change in music we so desperately need shines bright. Check out the video though, what she speaks is truth!

Bunches O' Links!

The reception for Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul has been pretty effin' good....I'm glad cause this is all the preseason to Black Ribbon, Hard Work! Hopefully you all got it in the first link I put up which is a couple posts below this one, but just in case you haven't, here's a bunch of em that you can pick from:


Also, thanks a lot to everyone who's helped spread the word about the project, AIM friends, Twitter friends, Facebook friends, real life friends....and the blogs who gave me some love:

Blind I
Flawless Hustle

Now if I can somehow get heard by the REST of this list I should be on my way....

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A Messages from Om'Mas Keith of the Sa-Ra Creative Partners...

We don't f*ck around. I'm not f*cking around. Om'Mas trynna tell ya'll...WE'RE NOT F*CKING AROUND!!!

Outside of Five Guys eating Burgers & Fries....Come holler at Obama.

He understands....Five Guys is in popular demaaaaaand.

Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul Mixtape

OK, stunting time. It feels great to know that I have enough material to put out a mixtape before the mixtape! Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul (previously The Expensive High) is a collection of tracks I recorded this year building up to the piece du resistance that will be Black Ribbon, Hard Work! These are 14 dope tracks that didn't make the final cut for BRHW, but are still bangers and deserve to be heard! I know I told people I was dropping BRHW in November but I'm a perfectionist and I want to make sure I put it out in as dope of a form as possible. So to hold you over and get you in tune with a little bit of what to expect, I'm releasing this precursor! Now some of you who are already pretty familiar with my music may have heard a bunch of these songs right here on this very blog, maybe on Myspace, maybe even IMEEM, but now you've got em in MP3 format, for the low low price of Free 99! So enjoy, let me know what you think, send it to your friends, blog it, Twitter it, whatever, but let it hold you down for now! Yep!

Download Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul (zShare)