I had a period in writing where I figured that if I let up I would be letting my detesters and detractors win. Knowing that's the only way they actually COULD win, I used that motivation from then on to push myself to create, to write, to record my experience. I wrote a very descriptive verse over one of my new favorites, The Kickdrums' "Impatient" record that's featured on their Just A Game EP that recently dropped. The flavor was superb so I felt like I had to add my ingredients to it. Check out the lyrics:

I'm impatient?
Well I aint got time to waste, bitch
Carpe diem, seize the day bitch
I'm gettin wealthy not fake rich
Monkey niggas go ape shit
When they see the whip I make flick
Wit 8 divas on a great trip
Spending Euros word to Great Brit
I'll take it back to the ba-sics,
Show em how a nigga make hits,
While I homer you-K, get,
It?, UK Brit?
Swine flu times two make the base-sick
I do what I do and you tape-it,
And study how to touch great-ness
Kickdrums make great shit,
I just come to bust once
Flyer than a stork skyin rollin dutch blunts
Grind like its X-Games sportin much cuts
From the time I have spent climbin up so fuck luck
This is my destiny, notice my pedigree
Nigga movin' chains like an NFL referee
Promise you, one with more drive you'll never-see
Plus I play chess that checkers don't better me
I don't work with wack niggas that's dead to me...
Even if they well-known got effigies
No clocks I work incessantly
So is you with me or not? Though so, better be.

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