Sorry for the drought my people! I've been hard at work trying to decrease the gap between every aspect of life right now, merging it all together to form a seamless web of efficiency. There's been a few changes around here that I'd like to point out so we're all on the same page and you know what to expect henceforth from the kid. Here goes:
  1. It's no longer TheNativeSoul - I've decided to go by my government name of Sulaiman and keep it 100% organic in my approach.
  2. I'll be releasing a free download of The Expensive High - all of the tracks I created for the first part of this year up until about August, very very very soon, so be on the look out for that as it should hold you over until Black Ribbon: Hard Work! drops sometime in November. It's about to be insane!
  3. I'll be putting more non-music related posts up in order to keep the ball rolling, keep you interested, and keep you in the loop with my entire development.
  4. The white layout is back - which means crisp, clean content, and a tabula rasa or "clean slate" for my creative indulgences.
With all that said, let's get back to the dopeness! A lavish new coffee table book from Rizzoli titled Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion and Architecture is a seductive anthology of the famed French fashion house's collaborations with an international group of elite artists, architects, designers, and photographers, including Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Takashi Murakami (whose updated LV monogram is featured on the cover) Richard Prince and Stephen Sprouse. Beautiful images are interspersed with critical essays that examine and position Louis Vuitton's patronage, under the guidance of Artistic Director Marc Jacobs, during "one of the most fertile periods of contemporary art and design." The book is divided alphabetically so as to serve as a sort of encyclopedia of the many collaborations, commissions and sponsorships Vuitton, a cornerstone of the LVMH luxury goods empire, has engaged in over the years.

You can put in an order for this book right now over through my bookstore, Books Ink!