OK, stunting time. It feels great to know that I have enough material to put out a mixtape before the mixtape! Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul (previously The Expensive High) is a collection of tracks I recorded this year building up to the piece du resistance that will be Black Ribbon, Hard Work! These are 14 dope tracks that didn't make the final cut for BRHW, but are still bangers and deserve to be heard! I know I told people I was dropping BRHW in November but I'm a perfectionist and I want to make sure I put it out in as dope of a form as possible. So to hold you over and get you in tune with a little bit of what to expect, I'm releasing this precursor! Now some of you who are already pretty familiar with my music may have heard a bunch of these songs right here on this very blog, maybe on Myspace, maybe even IMEEM, but now you've got em in MP3 format, for the low low price of Free 99! So enjoy, let me know what you think, send it to your friends, blog it, Twitter it, whatever, but let it hold you down for now! Yep!

Download Sulaiman is TheNativeSoul (zShare)