I was reminded of this joint earlier today and realized that damn near NOBODY has heard this side EP project from Nez of NEZ & RIO and myself. We decided one day to create an outlet through which we could tweak all day everyday, and what name was more fitting for the group than Peer Pressure? We compiled 10 songs of all the craziest shit we could think of...from marijuana to running trains, pimping to bussdowns, with ridiculous attitude infused in every track. I wanted to get out that side of me that loved listening to Eminem, Non-Phixion, those Wu Tang "I'll f*ckin...., I'll f*ckin..." interludes, and all the other crazy shit that I though was SO dope back in the day. So all you prude people, respect it as expression of art! Maybe one day we'll release the project for the world to hear...but until then, enjoy the video snippet!