Muhsinah is dope. No. Wait. Muhsinah is SUPER DOPE. HU Alum, super-talented musician, etc., etc., etc. Her latest joint, "From Here", is an ill joint with an even iller vibe to it. I got it in an email and upon first listen I HAD to put a verse to it. I love artists like her, who give others inspiration to produce new creativity. Honestly, I haven't experienced any sort of sense of writer's block in such a long time, and it's because I'm such an avid music listener, of all genres mind you, that there's always a new style to explore. Hence why I tell everyone who listens to me that I'm a man of a million styles, all ill, super versatile. I hope you like this joint; I made it available for download as well. Like it!

Download Muhsinah x TheNativeSoul - From Here (Remix) (zShare)