I don't think you can not like this song! Sometimes the most simple joints you do end up being some of the most meaningful, and I kept it straight to the point over this Nicolay-laced beat. As you can see the joint is called "On" and it's topic revolves around...yep, you guessed it, getting ON! In whatever field you're working in, I'm sure you want to be the top dog and be the best at it, and I wanted to make a fun song that you can hear anywhere to support that. Getting ON isn't just work however, but any goal that you set for yourself that you wanna achieve. It might be getting the attention of that special someone, or reveling in the feeling you get when you've finally gotten ON, but it's something to be cherished no matter the case. This one is going on the next mixtape and it's also available for download right now! Partake!

Download On! (zShare)