"just to give it power I was lookin' for an outlet / had to make my own since I really couldn't find that / but value of true art is hidden in the process" - vibe's alive

Vibe's Alive came together through the production efforts of the homie Nickless Castle, who threw me this gem after being hipped to some of my previous work. We went in the lab and threw a couple of ideas back & forth, and this beat jumped at me with a mellow vibe that I felt like personified a canvas for me to vocalize my niche in this industry -- a lover of all the styles that have worn the "hip-hop" label can unify them all in an intelligent, straight to the point approach to the art form. Rather than tackle the whole "Hip Hop Is Dead" argument, I let my skills speak for themselves as a clear indication that hip-hop is a chameleon and cannot be categorized any longer. Castle heard what I put down over the track and went back to lay the ill scratches for the chorus. What can I say, the guy is a beast! What resulted was this track, and I hope you like it! They'll be more coming from Castle & I so stay on the lookout for new shit.