I'm a great fan of President Obama. I supported him from way back in his days of getting played here in Chicago as he ran for local office, all the way to his ascention to the Oval Office. I even co-founded a company based around the inspiration he served as a beacon of light for. The only thing that bothered me about his rise was the fact that only then did people who typically were inactive or just getting by, want to get up and do something major. I don't knock them for having that feeling, but as a representative of the generation who had lofty dreams and goals way before any mention of Barack Obama, I was shocked to see how many people were not proactive prior to his election. Now, as we see Obama try to overcome a horrible economic situation, I see an inexplicable decline in our Black History Month celebrations, a lack in the desperate need for volunteers, a lack in positive approaches towards being a part of actual change, and a lingering stench of the idea that things will get done on their own. I wanted to make a song to let people know that the capabilities have been in us all along to do great things, as evidenced by what we've overcome and what we've accomplished. It's always been your world, you just didn't know it. Hope you like it, here's the lyrics, and you can download the song below:

This one goes out to,
To everybody who believed
Before it was cool to believe,
I got ya'll...

When I was twelve I got detention for believing,
Overachieving, abandoned the bottle and chewed before the teething
Deep into my pockets I was reaching
Embracing light
Simply receiving all available teachings
The cream came quicker than what,
Young ladies thick in the butt
I'm spendin' and not givin' a fuck
Definitive strut,
Knew the science way before the test
Getting my rest,
While them other students getting stressed
Way more impressed, with shaping a soul
Knowing that the way to my goal,
Lived in every brick upon the road
Readin' the scrolls,
Diamonds and pearls beneath the gold
Even the clothes,
Made from the lessons and stories told
Wait a cotton pickin' minute ya dig it,
The flow would not resemble a spigot
If niggas couldn't read due to bigots
I paint a picture vivid, we are more a visual people
Than we scientific, that is until we learn our physics
The half wanna kick the other one wanna fly
And its hard to give a fuck when you spendin' I wonder why
See they had us all pre-conditioned but over time
We have risen to a better position than getting by
You can look me in my eye and see I wanna do more
I had learned to pace the ceiling before they opened the door
While aimin' to make a million before I went on a tour
Industry is a building then I would be the decor
I de-liver the raw like, butchers on a off-night
Crookers in a bar fight, hoodlum but my star's bright
Walk light when you cross my path,
I'm a descendant of the struggles we have fought in the past
Not Michael J. Fox /Doc Brown in a lab,
Grab an almanac look at how we got where we at,
From dogs with no muzzles steady bitin' yo ass
To a black president givin' life to the flag
It's my world...

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