Lyrical exercise is key. If you don't do something alot to the point it becomes second nature, you can never be great, I don't care how much natural talent you have. You ever heard a rappers say some shit like "I don't write anymore" and you go "Uh Huh. Maybe you should go back to writing." The method you use to make your most effective work is the method you should always use. Point blank period. My writing styles are so diverse I can literally make a song about 20 different ways. Chants, rhythms, pre-constructed themes, ideas, add-ons, adlibs-first, chorus-lead, full written, 16s, no hooks, and the list goes on and on. This joint is a lyrical exercise of sorts that I'll probably put on the next mixtape, The Expensive High (coming soon) that I'll release for free like I usually do. It's called Cut It Out and I wanted to give you guys a little piece of the flavor. Produced by Karriem Riggins. Partake!