Growing up as the son of a very historically-educated father, I always knew to keep my third eye open. They stressed to me the importance of fact vs. fiction and always sticking to what you know, not just what people tell you. The observation of the world's ills, combined with this fantastic beat by Mr. James Yancey and a stirring delivery by Jay Electronica, all seemed to come into play right in time for me to speak about what I see happening in the world. I've even included the lyrics below so you can understand the detail:

When death puts yo ass
In the dirt
And the angels
Stop and ask
Was it worth?
For the human race to wipe they ass
With the Earth
And realize that it ain't no mass
In a church
Gon' save em
From the radiation
Radio stations verifying the mass evacuations
People gon' be hidin' in tunnels or on spaceships
All a that depending on money that ya'll makin...
And why you think they up building space stations
And growing artificial plant rations?
The war is comin'...
So you better lock ya doors or somethin'
Start a stash in ya floor or somethin'
Cause shit's real
The shit'll drive Martin and Ghandhi to get steel
And leave you with a choice to get grimey or get killed
Economy is crumblin'
Stomachs is rumblin'
Soldiers is home from war and gotta pick up the gun again
The earthquakes in China, a bitter reminder
That the world on a clock at the end of the timer
The summer gettin' longer
The sun is brighter
And it scorch all the crops make forest fires
That burn through the bush like the purplest kush
But it don't get you high just six-feet shook
Stuck underland in a bboy stance
Till they rise like Thriller from the floods from the sands
Mix that with deadbeat raps and old shrapnel
Ten years ago there was 50 different apples
Now it's just 5
When we eat to stay alive
How the fuck we gon' survive
When the shit we eat dies?
And niggas ain't livin offa eating pork rinds
Sky drop Purple Rain
it's a Sign Of The Times...